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Is it ok for Christians to enjoy watching Porn movies?
Im a christian and i love watching big booty porn movies.

Sara Jay and Cherokee D'AZZ have the best movies and i watch their movies everyday is this right or wrong in eyes of God.

Im happily married and me and my wife are christians an we both enjoy watching big booty porn movies.

Is this a SIN or NOT.
Of Course NOT.
No real sin is being committed by just watching pron. You are not committing adultery or coveting thy neighbors wife.

Look at your 10 commandments, there is no clause in there stating you can't stimulate your mind.

Watching this with your wife might make a healthier and stronger marriage between the both of you.

As long as you keep it to the watching and NOT acting on these urges.

Also always going to confession might help you. Iam no expert. if you are feeling its wrong go ask your priest.
Movie ATL when TI and new new were leaving big booty judies party. and a song was playin on the radio and new ?
on the movie ATL when TI and new new were leaving big booty judies party. and a song was playin on the radio and new new said it was her jam. Can someone help me with that i need to know who sings it.Or whats tha name of the song please help me[/quote]
DAYUM....yea that's it. at your best by aaliyah...
Why did brandy norwood lose her big booty?
the moesha days she was built up nice/ and on i still know what you did movie /real answers let me know.
she didnt get rid of it on purpose she sat on a tac and it popped its not her fault
Big Booty Kong, Do you like my movie idea?
Big Booty Kong is a monsterous hit which stars Shakira, and shakira plays Big Booty Kong who has the butt the size of a casino and uses it to torture the city, people, and anything else that gets in her way, and a huge Rumpzilla Jennifer Lopez tries to stop her.
okay, whatever. anything w/ shakira!
Is The Great Big Booty Moma a good comedy movie title?
I'M writing this movie above, and its about a woman who has her butt turned into gigantic balloon size, and now no one is safe around her, not even her husband .
Good Luck...
What is a Big Booty Judy???
I was watching a movie and they said this girl was a " Big booty Judy" what is it
I'm guessing you were watching ATL and Judy was her name and she had a big booty.
Has any one Read Booty Nomad or The Big Happy?
Iv read booty nomad a million times i love it.
Any way i just noticed that The big happy is a sequel to booty nomad.

I ordered it an im waiting for it to come. I was just wondering if in The big happy they explain what happenes between " the goddess" and david.

I hope they do other wise im going to be pretty annoyed. Also.. is there a movie on Booty nomad. In the front of the book there said there would be but i have never heard of it.
people still read?
How can i get a bigger booty?
I'm very slim but not skinny if ya know what i mean.I'm about the same size Jessica Alba was when she was in the movie Into The Blue but i want my rear to be a bit bigger.I'v tried eating more but it does'nt really work.

I would really appreciate it if someone could please reccomend some excercises that would work?

Thanx. =]
Somethings just can't happen. It's genetics. Short of going under the knife, participate in sports like volleyball, track and field, gymnastics, ice skating, or cheerleading. Those are sports that require lower body strength and lots of jumping depending on the activity. You could also start working out using weights. You don't have to be concerned about getting bulky in a muscular way, that takes heavy lifting. I'm not talking about that. Consult a personal trainer. Do a lot of squatting.
Would you watch a movie with a giant big belly Shakira?
Fe FI FO FUM here comes Shakira 200 feet tall, and she has a belly the size of her head. As the giant belly monster cutie walked in the city, a helicopter flew to her. Shakira just bumped the helicopter out of the air with her huge belly, and walked on. Shakira shook her titanic size hips around, and kabooming the streets with her giant feet Shakira walked proudly on the street, people just looking up at Shakira shockly. Shakira came to a giant Jennifer Love Hewitt, and bumped her down onto a truck with her big belly, and Shakira sat on Jennifer's chest, and bounced her big booty on her chest.
Agree with prev answer!
Not funny

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