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Why do black men have bigger families than white men? Meaning more guys, cousins, uncles, etc?
What enables black men to have more guys, relatives and bigger families than white men?
Up until the 60s there were a lot of larger family. When I was in grade school there were families that had guys in every class and a couple in high school. The trend tapered off because of inflation. Maybe you should explain why whites aren't reproducing like you want.

Is it true that black men have bigger penises and the women have bigger boobs?
I'm black too so don't think I'm racist because when I'm in the locker room I notice my ***** bigger than all the white guys (NO RACISM INTENDED) and the black girls boobs are bigger in the school i don't know if its because we're so young with puberty and all that. But I want an answer please!
No, that's not true at all. Did you know the biggest penis in the entire world is on a white man?
jonah falcon's penis is 13.5 inches and is the biggest in the world. he is from new york.
also, there are many women who say that the have been with black men and they don't have big penises at where does everyone get this from? it's not true.

boobs......women who are bigger/overweight have bigger boobs. it doesn't matter if they are black or white or mexican, etc. maybe you have a lot of heavy women in your school that are black. black women tend to be more overweight.
Black Men have bigger genitals than other people? Black women also have bigger genitals?
I have pretty big genitals but people say black people have the biggest? Why? Also do black women also have bigger genitals/features than other women?
i have to agree with the title especially the second sentence {or question}.
Is it true that black men have bigger penis? if yes, how much bigger generally?
i have just heard that black men are bigger than white men. is this true?
what do u like ?
I have a question about the black men having bigger penises thing?
ok so when they say "black men have bigger penises than white men" do they mean ALL men with white skin or the native American white men who are all American white?
its not very true. its just a racist comment. actually white guys on average have the biggest! its just people like to see a black guy thats hung rather than a white guy. its more of a fetish if anything. basically any ethnic group can have a small penis or a big penis. it just depends on the random genetics of it!
Is it ture that black men have bigger penises?
im just wondering if what people say is true, if black men have bigger penises
On the whole black men have slightly larger penesis than their caucasian counterparts, but nothing massively dramatic
Is this true do black men have bigger penises than white men?
hello i was just wandering do black men have bigger penises and white men have bigger balls if this is true beacause i am mixrace irish /jamiacan will i have both ??
To answer this question you need to know some hard core facts...

1. The Black demographic as an average is reported to have larger penises...but...the fact is A FEW persons with an extremely large penis who happens to be black can skew data.

2. The average penis size is...6.16inches or in the range of average is a whole bunch of different sizes factored into one number or a range of numbers...this means that there are people well above and well below the average.

3. Penis size is as variable as foot size, you can only judge it on an individual basis. With all that being said....THE FACT IS...

SOME black men have bigger penises than SOME white men, and vice versa. SOME white men have bigger balls than SOME black men. The other fact of you being jamaican and irish will not dictate your penis size...on the other hand, if you have the genetics, which is what it boils down to anyway, then you may be prone to a larger or smaller than average should check with your mom and your grandma to see if you will have either a large penis or large testicules.

That is the FACT
I know it may sound a dumb question but why black men have bigger penis?
Don't say it's not true!
I don't mean that EVERY white guy has a small penis, I am saying on an average.
I know all white men will get offended by my question by hey I am not racist nor dislike white men! OK?!?
Also don't be rude or offensive if you can. Thanks.
God gave them a big dick because he messed up their hair
Why is black men penis bigger than white men?
I know I'm going to hear its not true for everyone but yall going to say it anyways just to keep your pride.

But on average my heritage average size is maybe more than an inch bigger than the males average. But why?
Because were black...
Why do black men have bigger "organs" than white men?
I am a white girl and now that I have gone black its hard to have a relation with a white man, they just cannot satisfy me or please me. The problem is I want to be in relationship with someone who can relate to me, black men cannot but they are so good in the sheets that I ignore the difference. But why do black men most of always have bigger organs than white men.
I heard the only difference in the size was like 0.3 inch or something
oh wait that was the difference between asian men's and black men's
I think it was like 0.1 inch diff. between blk men and white men

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