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Why is it most white bbw/ssbbw in USA..... go for black men?
Am not a racist,further more , am attracted and i admire bbw/ssbbw.. but why is it most white plus size ladies especially in USA the go for black men,?
because a lot of white guys don't accept big girls as hot and sexy. I find most all girls sexy in their own way. And as for Ricky's answer some of us white guys have a monster in their pants. And i have had some big girls that had real nice parts not at all gaping.
What is the name of the girl at club bounce she's a ssbbw and sometimes has black hair and blond sometimes?
she wears really sexy outfits, mostly short skirts and it looks like she likes to show some cleavage
theres no way were gonna be able to find a girl who looks like that if we dont know her or what she looks like or even go to club bounce.. common sense..
To plus-sized White women only, please!?
So, today I saw this beautiful, full-figured(I guess she would be considered an SSBBW) White woman. She was about 28(I'm 24). She had everything that arouses me in a woman: flawless, smooth porcelain skin, long jet black hair, huge booty, big breasts, big juicy thighs, wide hips, even pretty feet and toes. I thought I was in love. Lol Now, I *think* that I'm a fairly attractive young Black man. I'm not a thug. I dress decently. I'm fairly athletic. So, I approached her saying "excuse me,
how are you? What's your name?" Her response was, "um, yeah, I'm looking for Chesnut street"(she was asking for directions. She's in town from New Jersey for Mardi Gras) I guess my question is: do you think she ignored me BECAUSE i was a Black guy, and didn't want to be apart of the whole Black man-fat white woman stereotype, or I wasn't "black" enough(a stupid wannabe thug) or, she just wasn't interested? And, how do you feel about Black men approaching you?
Truthfully there is no way to tell why she turned you down. As for how I feel about black men approaching me... I don't really turn a man down based on his color but his attitude. I wouldn't want to date a 'thuggish type' man. I think there is a certain stigma around black guy / fat white woman relationships that ward some women off, but do you really want a woman that is so bothered by what people think that she lets it rule what relationships she has?

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