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Where can I find live sex shows in New York City?
HI, So heard that live sex shows exist in NYC...the question is where can I find such shows? and how much would it cost to go to see one of those! if you know of a place, a name or an address..I would appreciate it!

Other than an occasional topless bar I think that they have gone away.
Someone said there are "live sex shows" in amsterdam; does that mean you can watch people have intercourse?
I've heard of live sex shows at strip clubs, but that doesn't necessarily mean the women are having sex, thus my reasoning for asking this question. In addition, I'm planning on going to Amsterdam & Barcelona this summer with my best bud; what r some things we can do in both places to have a blast while we are there?
Yes, some of these clubs shows it all. But you will be very disapointed.

The clubs with dancing strippers leave more for your imagination and are a lot more fun and less humiliating.

If you like to combine a bit of sexy fun and classic culture, Amsterdam is the place to go.

Anne Frank's house shows how this Jewish girl and her family lived in hiding from the nazis, and where she wrote her famous diary. The area of the house is situated at the canals and gives you a good image of what Old Amsterdam looked like.

Van Gogh Museum is amazing, even if you are not all that into painting art.

Check out this website for a nice combination of activities:…
Are private live sex shows legal in all australian states?
or ANY australian states, hired in home private shows no prostitution or participation from the hiring party just a show of two people payed for the act to be witnessed?
Yes. Make sure there are no guys home.
Live sex shows on webcam?
Live webcam sex shows review sites is what im interested in.Does anyone know a clean honest and straight to the point webcam sex review site? Webcam girl reviews to be included also.

As far as i searched i didn't found crystal clear information about the average user.
Thanks in advance!
Live web cam sex reviews?About a month ago i found a nice webcam sex site, reviewing the hottest webcam models,girls i had seen in my life.

There are webcam sites there that are free to sign up so you can see what you get.
Their reviews are the following:

Ofcourse there are webcam girl reviews as you asked.
Well webcam sex indeed gained lots of popularity these days, so let me know if you liked it.
Live Sex shows?
Have any one witnessed live sex shows and whether its worth while visiting such shows as i have an invitation for the same but i dont think i should go.
you have to witness it or be a part of it????

Witness- - doesnt matter, nothing hurts to watch
Be a Part of it-- NO NO and NO
Live Sex Shows?
Is there anywhere in the Boston area to watch live sex shows ?
Male/Female or Male/Male. I don't want to participate, I just want to watch. This isn't a joke question, I've always wanted to "just watch".
I don't know but I bet you that there are plenty of freaky people out there who would just let you come into their bed room to watch (some people like puttin on a show) try this
Are live sex shows illegal?
Actually live sex, not a strip club type or showgirl show. Where you can acutally watch sex live. Certain states?
For pay is illegal .
Between friends , in private , consenting adults , O.K.
Is it legal to charge admission to a live sex show?
I know there's case law in some states but do most states have laws governing this? The Supreme Court has ruled that actors are being paid for acting in pornographic movies and not for their gratification. That's why pornography is not prostitution. If attendees to the live sex show masturbate while watching, is it then prostitution? If they do not, is it then just live porn and protected under the First Amendment?
In Missouri:

"Prostitution", a person commits prostitution if he engages or offers or agrees to engage in sexual conduct with another person in return for something of value to be received by the person or by a third person.

It doesn't matter who pays. Both people would be guilty of Prostitution here.
What forms of payments to use for live adult, web cam shows.
You might find the answer to your question on this blog - it's an information blog for new cam girls
Where in the U.S. are there live sex shows being performed?
Times Square used to have them. I know in the Dominican Republic and Europe, Mexico they are still a form of entertainment for tourist like a Broadway show.
time square used to have them for real?

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