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My five year old daughter tried to lock her 3 year old sister in her room. Kaitlyn(5) was bothered that Lizzie(3) was getting all of the attention, it was Lizzie's birthday party. I said to Katie, if she continues I will punish her after the party. She did not stop. Katie continued to bother Lizzie. After the party I sent Katie to her room. About an 20 minutes later, I went up and talked with her about what she did. But then she threw another tantrum. So I told that was it. I pulled down her pants and undies. I put her over my knee, and gave her 10 medium swats on her butt. In my family, we do it age times 2. I then told her if she continued, I would give her another spanking. She stayed in her room about 30 mins, not for punishment, just to calm down. Then she told Lizzie she was sorry and also me and her father. Do you think I was to rough on her?
My husband and I had an argument he pulled me over his knee and spanked me hard six times?
I was shocked at first but then it actually felt kind of nice. Afterwards he sat me on his knee and gave me a kiss and told me that he was the boss of the house and whatever he says goes. then he told me go to the bedroom and wait for him. We had sex.. it was amazing. So Its a regular thing now where if I disobey him I get a spanking some times on my bare skin. He will usually tell me to go to the bedroom , get undressed and bend over the side of the bed for my punishment. I was just wondering if there is any one out there who like myself enjoys getting spankings and what is your view on this? my husband is 47, white and I'm 22, latina.
There is nothing wrong with consensual spankings.
Alot of couple practice it.

What you do in your bedroom is your business.
Girls what would be the worst punishment if you lost a bet to your man?
Forced to do naked Wii fit?

Spanked over his knee on your bare butt till it is red?

Clean the kitchen floor naked on all fours?
Let's not give them the choice. Let's just spank their bare butt till it's red.
Should parents and schools revert back to corporal punishment?
This really concerns US and UK schools.

Look, I like guys but if you tell me that the majority of them are well behaved then you are really ignorant.

I'm not talking about beating a guy senseless -- THAT is abuse. I am talking about putting them over your knee and spanking their keisters.

The thing is, in my opinion there is a difference between abuse and a well-earned spanking. I just don't think the 'naughty step' and all those other modernday techniques are working.

But what do you think?
As a Mom and a teacher--who has taught in both spanking and nonspanking elementary schools, I really would like to see a return of the school paddle. I do not think it should be used often--indeed rarely. But there is a need for an ultimate "thermonuclear punishment" hanging out there.

As a teacher my ultimate punishment is to call the parents--unfortunately that doesn't mean much in many cases. The most the principal can do is suspension--which is highly inappropriate--especially in grade school--and honestly it is not really all that much of a punishment.

When I was in a school that allowed spanking I noticed, the few times I paddled, there was a rather profound, and lasting effect, on the entire class. Of course, the paddling was done in private with a witness--but the guys all knew what was going on--and it made a big, and lasting, improvement in their overall behavior and attitude.

I know the idea of spanking anywhere is controversial, and now many schools which do spank, let the parent opt their guy out. If they are going to do that then I don't think there should be any spanking at the school--is profoundly unfair and inequitable..

I recently came across a blog written by four elementary teachers who do favor corporal punishment (and practice it in their classrooms) in grade school (not middle or high school).called Teachers who Paddle teacherswhopaddle.wordpress.com/
Whats the proper punishment for my 9yr old sister for saying F U to my mom?
My mom put her over her knee and spanked her, was my mom wrong?
Sorry dear, your mom was 100% correct.
Any guy who is so disrespectful needs to have their butt spanked.
And I would of grounded her from everything for 1 week.

Tip of the hat to mom!
Besides grounding, taking away stuff, and spanking what other punishment is there to give?
My brother, 16, is getting out of hand. I am his guardian at the moment and he has grown up with getting an over the knee spanking. i thought maybe that wasnt working because he was growing up so i tried grounding him and taking away his things (ipod, computer) and i just do not know what to do.
The better question would be my question to you. What motivates him? What common ground do you share with that motivation. Spend more time with him on that common ground and be a constant leader by example. To many parents focus on how harsh they can step up the punishment. Alot of guys are far more subborn than those parents. these are the guys that you worry about.
Should I still get over the knee spankings?
I am 13 and my mom still gives me spankings over her knee with a wooden spoon when im in my panites. I just got 1 last night for staying up 2 late. I actully think i deserve 2 be spanked every now and then but its just so embarrasing 2 be held down on my mom while she hits my pantied butt. i wish i could stand up. but i sure will never make the same mistake again after being over her knee. right now my butt is still red and it hurts. wat do u think about my punishments?
I don't believe one single word of your question.
Is this an acceptable punishment for a dyslexic 15 year-old daughter?
The girl reads from the Charles and Diana memorial wedding book.

Each time she stumbles over a word, her mom takes the book off her, bends her daughter over her knees and gives her a hard whack with the book on her butt.

Slowly the girl learns to read better.

Is this an acceptable way to teach?

If I could reach down this laptop screen so help me God I would ram that book so far up your a$$, you'd be barfing the pages, troll.
Did I deserve a spanking over my fathers knee for what I did ?
I was short of money until I got paid the next week at my part time work. I knew where my father had
some money hidden which he had been saving for two years for a family holiday. Without him knowing I took that money and used it for myself intending to repay it over the next 4 weeks.

Unfortunately I lost my job that week and had to go to my father and admit I had taken it and could not pay him back.

He was extremely angry and said he would punish my just like a criminal. He also made me admit my crime to the whole family at a meeting of our family which he arranged.

My punishment was a trip to his Barber the next morning and he instructed the Barber to give me an extremely short crewcut ( The Barber did not use attachments, he just sheared me all over with the bare blades of the shears ) which only left stubble. My father said if I wanted to be a criminal I could like like one as well.

He then arranged for all my family to be home that night and in front of them all he laid me over his lap and pulled my trousers down to my ankles with only my long johns (which he made me wear as punishment) and proceeded to give me six lashings with his razor strap on my bare bottom while he was pulling my long johns pants away from the skin.

I know I did wrong but dont know if I deserved that punishemnt. My bottom is still sore two days later and I have to look at my shorn hair every day in the mirror when he makes me shave.

Does anyone think this punishemnt is excessive or did I deserve it ?
that is VERY excessive. that's an evil way to treat you.
Get the police involved.
What punishment should i choose?
hi im a guy in his 30,s and i met my wife in lets say a specialist club of doms and subs, me being the sub.it has been heaven for me to be her slave it just works out great for us two, but recently she found out id been seeing another dom now i have to be punished.She is inviting her family and friends round this weekend and ive got a choice of punishments either a bare bottom spanking over her knee in front of everyone or come downstairs where everyone will be in a dress,tights and heels dont want to do either any ideas guys and girls please
They are rather light punishments compared to one that I knew one guy did to his pet! She had been saying another dom and he then made her go around town as his pet, on a leash, crawling on the ground! And when some people threw eggs at him, he made her lick it off of him, Lawlz.

But I say...Hmm... The spanking. A bad slave should be punished! It doesn't matter if you don't like it, you shouldn't have been a bad slave in the first place.

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